In China, RESYO is a professional and trustworthy sportswear manufacturer. We are committed to OEM&ODM solutions for various sports wear products. 
We focus on creating original designs and providing high-quality products to make your brand unique and competitive in the market.
We have 20 years of rich knowledge in the design and manufacturing of sportswear, and can provide you with professional advice in the process of customizing various types of sportswear and assist our valued customers in designing and developing their products. 
At the same time, in the process of designing, producing and delivering products, our company will do its best to save customers as much cost as possible. RESYO manufactures products for its customers with quality assurance, delivery accuracy and cost-effectiveness.
We are committed to OEM & ODM solutions for all kinds of sports wear products. Our products are mainly all kinds of sportswear based on all kinds of high-quality quick-drying fabrics, fitness clothes (quick-drying fabric), sweatpants (quick-drying fabric), etc. Our products have the characteristics of high breathability, quick-drying, silky and certain stretchability.
Our service:
24 Hours Response
Product Quality Assurance 
3-5 days for Sample Development
Update in-trend fabric/trims weekly
Thoughtfully After-sales service
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